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16th, 17th, 18th, 19th April
- Because She Loved the Lion

“But you are so tiny” the Lion laughed. The story of a mother, her daughter, her sister, and a mouse consumed by a lion with a beautiful mane.


Lady Parts Theatre showcases more strong roles for women in this drama about family relationships, and what happens when they break down.


Produced By Lady Parts Theatre with the Support of the Lantern Theatre Liverpool

Written By Laura Kate-Barrow

Directed By Peter Mitchelson



Esther Dix

Sarah Keating

Nula Claire Sophie Maguire


19th April
- Edge of the Ocean: Insincere Apologies

Edge of the Ocean presents: Insincere Apologies.

Insincere Apologies

The “stripped back to the heart of the music” one piece interpretation of their début album, Insincerity. Presented live by band leader Connor McBurney with keyboards, voice, and the aid of projected visuals. Live at the Lantern Theatre, Liverpool for one night only.


25th and 26th April
- Bouncers

Bursting with imagination and wit and presented by just four actors, Bouncers is an outrageous and hilarious parody of the disco scene.


The four brutish bouncers of the title portray over twenty different characters as we are invited for a night out on the town. We see them as giggly girls and lads on the make preparing for the big night out as we follow their progress to the disco floor. There, we also meet an entire cross-section of disco-goers, including Hooray Henrys, girly girls and drunken slobs! The evening’s events arc set against the tatty glitzy glamour, flashing lights and pulsating beat’s from the 1980′s night-club scene. The show does contain strong language.

Trap Door Theatre Productions are taking their professional tour across the North West starting in North Wales on the 18th of April 2014, touring Cheshire and Liverpool and finishing on the 23rd of May 2014 back in the Trap Door Theatre Productions homeland.


29th and 30th April
- Moments of Truth

Where principles and collide

Do you join a picket line to show support when it could put your own job on the line? Or inform on a workmate for a racist comment when you know they may get the sack?

Moment of Truth

These are just two of the questions asked in this evening of punchy drama about dilemmas, compromises and how living up to your principles can be harder than you think.
Developed and acted by students on the Workers’ Education Association “Theatre Performance Course” at the Florrie, this is an evening of drama guaranteed to cause debate.


1st - 4th May
- My Mother Said I Never Should / The Caretaker

PurpleCoat Present a Double Bill of The Caretaker and My Mother Said I Never Should.


Harold Pinter’s classic play about the tramp Davies, who is taken in and systematically punished by brothers Mick and Aston is one of the most celebrated and haunting plays of the 20th Century. Following on from PurpleCoat’s sell-out run of The Homecoming last year.
My Mother Said I Never Should has been described as a ‘classic’ and a landmark.’ The play moves back and forth through the lives of four women, and sets the enormous social changes of the twentieth century against the desire to love and to be loved.
Supported by Stephen Fry, the RSC, Richard Wilson and Virgin Media.
Plays alternate nights – reduced tickets available for purchasing to see both shows.

Special £15 ticket available for booking both shows. Save up to £10.00 per ticket by booking for both shows!

My Mother Said 2nd and 4th May

The Caretaker 1st and 3rd May


14th - 17th May
- Last Train to Yuma

Gavin and Boody are the comedy due, Lemmon and McGarvey, bottom of the bill in whatever dive will still hire them, until a last chance of fame presents itself in the guise of fellow comedian Jose. But will this offer of a lifetime make them or break them?


As 10yr olds they won the biggest TV talent show of its day and were hailed as the next big thing. Fast forward twenty years and the comedy duo Lemmon and McGarvey are now in their 30s, broke, living on past glories, and bottom of the bill in whatever dive will still hire them. Then along comes fellow comedian Jose with the offer of a lifetime. But will it make them or break them?


21st and 22nd May
- Loot

Once described as Oscar Wilde crossed with Monty Python, Loot is a wild satire of detective fiction, adding the blackest farce and jabs at established ideas on death, the police, religion, and justice.

Loot poster

Big Teeth Theatre brings you their second production of the scandalously short lived Joe Orton and his most famous play Loot.

Fay – ‘The British police force used to be run by men of integrity.’

Truscott – ‘That is a mistake which has been rectified.’


23rd May
- This Time We Could Be Big In Japan



ADULT HUMOR ALL THE WAY, AND EVEN A BIT OF LIVE SINGING ( a rarity on its own where most boybands are concerned)


24th May
- Vera Vera Vera

‘Bobby’s dead and you’re still breathing. That’s a fucking walking talking tragedy that is’

Vera Vera Vera

A young man comes back from war far away in a wooden box; he’s then glorified and called a hero. As the funeral plans are made in a small northern town in Lancashire, his siblings squabble over who he was and what they were to him.

The play is a blackly comic piece, with themes such as drugs, violence, neglect and apathy. It asks the question of ‘what you are willing to fight for?

Gritty, loud and taboo, this modern piece will leave a lasting impression on its audience.


25th May
- Southside Cabaret

Welcome to Southside Cabaret!

Simon South

Hosted by the weird and wonderful Magician, Freak and Snappy Dresser Simon South, Southside Cabaret brings you Burlesque from the Beautiful, Magic from the Mysterious, Singing from the Sonorous and much much more! This is cabaret. This is Southside.


27th May
- Plays for Tomorrow

New plays from new writers on stage for the first time at the Lantern Theatre.

plays for tomorrow poster

Scriptwriter, Julian Perkins (The Bill, Eastenders, Images of Tiffin) and Diane Culverhouse (Head of leading literary agents at Culver House Associates), present new work by six writers who they are supporting to break into the industry.


8th June
- Sam Brady: Kindness

Award-winning comedian and failed Buddhist monk Sam Brady explores his ongoing struggle to be a “good person” and asks why KINDNESS is so undervalued and so hard to practise.

Simon 7

Join Sam for an evening of heart-warming, thought-provoking, soul-searching comedy.

“Naturally funny and charismatic… hilarious anecdotes that drove home his point that even though humans are flawed, little acts of kindness really do make a difference… Emotional and uplifting.” Three Weeks

“Life presented in its true form with highs and lows and much self-deprecating laughter throughout… Go see for yourself and maybe feel a little less cynical about life.” Broadway Baby


9th June
- Tir Na Nog

Tir na nOg have been described as Alt Folk, Prog Folk, Psych Folk, and even Space Folk!.

Tir na nOg - photo

But the duo, formed by Leo O’Kelly & Sonny Condell in 1970, transcends all these categories. What is not in doubt is that they are two of the most original and influential songwriters and performers Ireland has ever produced. Tir na nOg are a union of equals. Their guitars wind and mesh gorgeously together, their voices likewise; nor can they be separated for the quality of their songwriting. Songs like Condell’s ‘Our Love Will Not Decay’, ‘Eyelids Into Snow’ and ‘Two White Horses’, and O’Kelly’s ‘Piccadilly’, ‘So Freely’ and ‘Looking Up’  are as good as anything Ireland’s produced in the past four decades.


They were signed to Chrysalis Records in May ’70 within days of arriving in London, suitcases and guitars in hand! Tir na nOg recorded three timeless albums for the label, recently re-issued by Cherry Red/Esoteric Records.  John Peel championed the duo from the start, recording many Peel Sessions with them. They toured with bands as disparate as Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span,  Jethro Tull, Procol Harum, The Who and  Roxy Music in the 70s, as well as headlining their own theatre, college and club gigs, garnering a large cult following. In 1974 Leo and Sonny returned to Ireland and they went their separate ways. Fortunately, Tir na nOg resurfaced in 1985 with occasional shows on home soil, together with very rare visits to the UK. In 2010 a brief ’2 gigs and a festival’ tour triggered the decision to return more often – and this is what they’ve been doing! Fans of old are reliving the songs from the early days and marvelling at the newer introductions whilst newer fans admire, for the first time, the musicianship and pedigree of this duo. 2014 will see the release of a new album – their first studio recording since 1973!


‘..a remarkable band…. they deliver a stunning performance that underlines their reputation as being well founded…… the crowd utterly entranced.’

(Malcolm Dome – Prog – June 2012)


‘Otherworldly and indubitably wise.’

(Jim Wirth – Uncut magazine –December 2012)


‘Tir na nOg blew me away – that mix of Irishness, folk and Led Zeppelin.’

(David Kitt – Mojo Magazine)


‘Sonny Condell and Leo O’Kelly continue to defy real time.’

(Siobhan Long, Irish Times)


12th June
- Evening of Mediumship and Clairvoyance

Direct contact with specific loved ones through Donna

LGW LR Edit (44 of 54)

 Come along to an exciting evening of Mediumship and Clairvoyance with Donna Robinson she has a special gift to directly contact a specific loved one, Donna will be using Psychometry on the night please bring along an object that belonged to a loved one but NOT jewellery for security purposes (not all are guaranteed to be used)


Donna is highly acclaimed and naturally gifted, now also psychic to the celebrity world. She is also here for you.Donna has had many sell out venues, offering an uplifting experience to all she sees.

As part of the audience you will you’ll become immersed within the positivity of Donna’s aura, and you will leave intrigued, at ease and in peace as seen by many of her client’s testimonials.

Enjoy the intrigue ,emotion and feeling that surrounds the accuracy from the information Donna will pass onto you which in the main defies logic!

The momentum of your reading will leave you with the thought “I am glad I came to see Donna”


15th June
- Club Orientale

Sirocco Academy of Egyptian Dance (SAED) present Club Orientale …..


A kaleidoscope of movement and colour brought to you by SAED students, teachers and special guest soloists.  This vibrant evening of diverse dance from the Middle East promises to leave you dazzled!

SAED is a collective of bellydance teachers and professionally dancing bellydance performers who came together to promote the wonderful art of Egyptian bellydance. We have a reputation for high standard, vibrant and entertaining shows.


20th and 21st June
- Butterfly in Shades of Blue

Spanning a period of seventeen years, ‘Butterfly in Shades of Blue’ is a romantic comedy-drama which follows Stephen and Vicky when they first meet and then as they fall in and out of love.



The play is a bittersweet study of how their relationship changes over the years due to differing aspirations.  Their initial high hopes and idealistic principles, something that many of us harbour in our youth, somehow evaporate in the heat of unbridled ambition, conceit, deceit and the realities of everyday life.


The play is in turns very funny and achingly poignant.



11th July
- Sweet Baby James

Returning to the Lantern Theatre duo Brian Dales (guitar/voice) and Jon Chamberlain (keyboards) play the music of the legendary James Taylor.

Sweet Baby James

His famous hits include Fire and Rain and You’ve Got a Friend. Brian and Jon bring their own flair and sensitivity to the music whilst staying faithful to the acoustic-guitar driven arrangements that are Taylor’s trademark. With all the hits including Shower The People, Sweet Baby James and Carolina In My Mind this is a must-see retrospective and a real treat for any James Taylor fan.

Support is once again from singer/songwriter Pete Davies who performed a storming set at the Lantern last year. Pete will be performing songs from his soon to be released new CD.


24th July
- Arise Mystic Diva!

A divine feminine show, of music and dance


A vaudeville explosion of Eastern dance, music and magic-   Be beguiled by a cast of  urban goddesses, entertaining you with a  multi-dimensional cabaret.

Be enchanted as you venture into an all singing, all dancing,   all rocking, uplifting show that worships the divine feminine in all her forms.


About Club Orientation


Club Orientation has been running for ten years. It is a loose collective of all types of artists that believe in freedom of expression, audience participation and the healing and consciousness changing abilities of performance.


24th September - 11th October
- United We Stand

In 1972 tens of thousands of building workers won the first national strike in the industry for better pay and conditions. ‘Flying pickets’ left the contractors reeling. The Tory government and the large building companies wanted revenge, and the ‘Shrewsbury 24′ were put on trial in the following year.

shrew-4-rev2 (2)

Townsend Productions’ new play, UNITED WE STAND, follows in the traditional of their highly successful productions The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists and We Will Be Free!-the Tolpuddle Martyrs Story, and focuses on the true and still very current events that led to the imprisonment of building workers Des Warren and Eric Tomlinson (Ricky Tomlinson of ‘The Royle Family’). It will reflect the great tide of anger, which rocked the very foundations of the established political elite, examine the extraordinary political will of all the participants and share the anguish of falling prey to a flagrant miscarriage of justice.


Combining Townsend Productions’ trademark small-cast, grand theatrical style and wit with popular and political songs of the early seventies (directed by John Kirkpatrick) and Ricky Tomlinson’s poems from his time in prison, this production aims to bring the full story of this compelling dispute to life, and will guarantee a powerfully challenging and entertaining evening for all its audiences.


6th December
- Henry Priestman

Henry’s Liverpool Philharmonic Hall gig in February (to launch his new album) sold out 3 months earlier, so be quick to snap up tickets for this, his first ever Lantern Christmas show.

Mark McNulty  (5)

In 2009 Henry (who wrote all those hits for The Christians in the 80’s, and Yachts’ songs in the 70’s) reinvented himself as a singer-songwriter, and released his debut solo CD The Chronicles of Modern Life to critical acclaim. Now the new album “The Last Mad Surge of Youth” is reaping even more 4-star reviews.

“it’s absolutely brilliant…..he’s found his voice!” Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2


The Lantern Team

Dedicated to the development and delivery of new talent, here at Lantern Theatre Liverpool. We are committed to bringing fresh ideas to our stage and to your attention.

Lantern Theatre Liverpool is an intimate, family run venue, nestled in the heart of Liverpool’s creative playground – The Baltic Triangle. A converted warehouse on the edge of Liverpool One, Lantern Theatre Liverpool emanates a bohemian contemporaneity that makes it the perfect location for unique, ground-breaking theatre.

Founded in 2009 by ‘tiny Giants Productions’, the theatre changed hands in September 2011 when mother and daughter combination, Margaret Connell and Siobhan Noble, stepped in to take the reins. With a vision centred upon the support of local artists – especially those looking for their first professional platform – a new era for Lantern Theatre Liverpool began.

Since then we have received fantastic feedback from both artists and public alike and are quickly becoming an established member of the Liverpool theatre scene. In partnership with Lantern Theatre Liverpool, in-house technician Peter Mitchelson, launched Shiny New Theatre Festival in July 2012, showcasing pre Edinburgh Fringe performances. Resident theatre company, New Leaf Theatre Ensemble, offer weekly acting training for adults of all ages and ability and we are currently developing a young writers programme. Watch this space


Siobhan Noble

Siobhan Noble is co-owner and Marketing Manager at Lantern Theatre Liverpool. Siobhan’s entrepreneurial flair began in 2008 with the launch of vintage boutique, Tatties Vintage. With over 6,000 likes on Tatties Vintage business page, it was clear that Siobhan had found her niche in marketing. Combine this with having spent the majority of her childhood in rehearsal rooms with mum, Margaret, it is no surprise that Siobhan felt ready for the challenge that is Lantern Theatre Liverpool.


Margaret Connell

Margaret Connell, co-owner and Artistic Director at Lantern Theatre Liverpool, began her career in theatre as a member of The Liverpool Playhouse Youth Arts Team. Margaret, who has a Masters in Applied Drama, has extensive experience both in higher education and in the industry. Margaret most enjoys the variety of performance and the opportunity to meet so many interesting and talented people working at a fringe venue affords.

Get involved

Education / Outreach

Through our Education/Outreach programme Lantern Theatre Liverpool (LTL) aims to; create opportunities for people to engage in participatory arts projects, engage and empower people and communities, create professional development opportunities for local artists, promote the value of diversity and inclusion and to maximize the value of project legacies.

School workshops
LTL provides drama based workshops for schools, pupils and teachers, delivered here or in your school at very competitive prices. Contact for details.

Summer Schools
please check back and follow us on facebook and twitter for further information.

New Leaf Theatre Ensemble
Always wanted to act? Weekly acting training for adults, all ages and levels of experience welcome. Led by Esther Dix, Actor/Director and LIPA graduate. Contact for details.

Writer’s Forum
LTL aims to provide a base for young and aspiring writers, local to and studying in Liverpool. Contact for details.

Front of House Volunteers
We are always looking for friendly committed volunteers to support our front of house team. Contact for details.

Ambassador Scheme

Running since 2012, Lantern Theatre Ambassador Scheme gives those who are wishing to gain industry experience, just that. Successful ambassador candidates must commit to a three month scheme, offering 10 hours each week, with roles including Box Office, front of house, marketing and promotion, administration and venue preparation. In return for the commitment shown ambassadors will benefit from; free entry to performances, when performing box-office duties, discounted tickets to all performances. networking opportunities, skill development, CV enhancement and references for future jobs, plus, 10% off drinks at Lantern Theatre Bar. Ambassadors will also be given the opportunity to shadow a range of industry jobs including, writers, producers, directors, marketing, fundraising, arts admin, event organisation and administration. This will build a strong portfolio for successful ambassadors and set them on the path to professional employment.

Become an Ambassador
Potential Ambassador’s must supply, a current CV as well as a proposal in no more than 400 words outlining what they anticipate the role to be, what they would like to gain from the role, ways in which they would promote The Lantern and any additional skills that they may have. Email

Download the Ambassador PDF for more info

Support Us

I Get by with a Little Help from my Friends…

Become a friend of Lantern Theatre Liverpool today. LTL is dedicated to the delivery and development of ground breaking theatre; committed to bringing fresh talent to our stage and to your attention. However, with no public subsidy, we rely heavily on the support of our Friends and for as little as £4 a month, you too can get involved and begin to play your part…

Just like any true friendship, we promise our relationship will be mutually beneficial!


Venue hire

The Lantern Theatre is an open plan, modular space that can be used for a variety of different events, theatre, music and comedy. It’s current configuration is for theatre but can easily be changed to suit the needs of your event. The size and shape of the venue gives a level of intimacy that audience members will love.

The performance space is roughly 6.5 x 6.5 meter with two sets of curtains at the rear of the space to enable crossovers. The lighting facilities in the theatre are limited due to the size of the space and are rigged at the front and sides only. Our technicians will also be on hand to make any slight adjustments, dependent on your needs. The space does have some height restriction and cannot support sets in excess of 2.45 meters, we therefore strongly advise that you view the venue before making a booking.

The back stage and dressing room area is relatively compact but can easily accommodate a cast of 10 – 15. The Lantern Theatre has a fully licensed bar serving drinks, snacks and ice cream before, during the interval and after the performances. The bar will be staffed at all times and also serves as the box office for members of the public who wish to purchase their tickets on the day of the performance. Audience members are advised to arrive 15 – 30 minutes before the event begins. The venue has a capacity 100 maximum. Staff and cast members are included in this and should, therefore, be factored in.

The configuration of seating that you currently see in the plan has the capacity for an audience of 73. An extra row of seats at the front would give a capacity of 85. For special events like music or comedy nights the seating can be moved to allow for tables and chairs and a small stage. There is also a goods lift which can be used to transport set/costumes, however it must be supervised by our staff at all times.

Bar hire

The recently renovated Lantern Theatre Bar is an inviting candlelit hub of creativity, where theatregoers can mingle with cast and creatives for post performance chats in an intimate setting. Reasonably priced drinks in a unique space only add to the character of this fringe venue. Turn off your Instagram filter; Lantern Theatre Bar has a natural glow of its own.

As well as for post theatre drinks LTL Bar is available to hire for private functions and lends itself to a variety of occasions. Be it birthday party, baby shower or a simple friendly get together, it is the perfect venue. Catering facilities are available as well as a range entertainment. Call today to discuss party packages.

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